Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello! Do you love to read?

 I am starting a blog about books I love to read.  Why?  Because I love it when people share with me good books that they have read.  So, maybe someone will love hearing about the good books that I have enjoyed.

I have an ipad and book shelves full of books.  I really only read fiction.  I don't do self-help books or books that teach me something.  I just want books with plots that I can get lost in and characters that I can come to love or hate.  I like all sorts of fiction - mystery, thriller, romance, historical, fantasy.  I don't care if it is secular or faith based.  I just care that it is a good story!

I read to relax, unwind and forget about my day, or week, or month depending on what is going on.  Books are my escape.

I am a teacher and during school months I don't read as many books but I average probably 2 a month.  BUT during the summer months I read 2 or 3 a week.

Check back to see what I am reading.  I will try to be honest about the story and the author.  Leave me comments if you have a book or author you think I might like.

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