Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home: A Memoir of My Early Years By:Julie Andrews

I am excited to post about the book I just finished.  Home: A Memoir of My Early Years by Julie Andrews.  I picked up this book on my Kindle mostly because I really like Julie Andrews and the work she has done.  The book chronicles her early life, thus the title.  It was a rather lengthy book but a fairly easy read.

The story begins with a telling of her great-grandparent, grandparents and then her parents.  Then it goes into her birth.  From there the story chronicles just about everything that happened to her that shaped her into the lady she is today.  Her life was not an easy one but at the same time she was surrounded by people who seemed to love and care for her.  Julie Andrews loved her family and that shines through the book.

1.  She gives enough details to make the stories interesting but not to many that you lose interest or get bogged down.
2.  The details regarding her music are not too technical.  All of her early work was in vaudville and broadway.  In many instances she describes what she was singing or how she was singing using musical terms but she does a good job explaining it so that even a reader with no understanding of music could understand what she is talking about.
3.  She wrote honestly about the people in her life and made you see how each of those people influenced, loved, hurt and encouraged her.  She also wrote honestly about herself and how she felt.  She came across as a very humble lady.
4.  It was just a good story.  She picked the right stories to tell and did it with great flair.  It was a wonderful look into her life.

1.  I was bummed that the book ended when it did.  It was obviously not meant to tell you everything but if you want a full telling of her life, this is not it.
2.  She often got off on rabbit trails in the middle of a story.  When she returned to the original story it was hard to figure out what she was talking about.
3.  Sometimes she jumped around in time.  This sometimes made it hard to follow the story line and keep the stories straight.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.  If you are a fan of Julie Andrews then I think you will enjoy this book.  Last I checked it was a freebie for your Kindle on Amazon but you would have to check it out to be sure.

I am sure I will get better at this review thing.  I hope you have enjoyed reading the review and perhaps have found a good book to read.

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