Sunday, April 8, 2012

Into The Free: A Novel by Julie Cantrell

So, it has been awhile since I wrote about a book that I have read.  Actually, I have read several but none that I thought worth writing about.  At last, over Spring Break, I came across one that I couldn’t put down.  J
Into the Free: A Novel by Julie Cantrell is a great read.  The main character begins the book as a small girl in rural Mississippi.   She lives in nothing more than a shack.  Her mother lives life in a constant state of depression and her father, a bull rider, is rarely home.  When he is home, he beats the life out of the mother.  The story takes place just before World War II.
The story follows Millie as she grows up in this very depressing family.  It seems, however, that despite all the yuck in her life, Millie believes that there is something better for her.   Each year, just after her birthday, the gypsies come to town for a few weeks.  Millie waits anxiously each year to secretly watch these wandering people.  It is her greatest wish to one day leave town with the gypsies.
Just after she turns 17, Millie is sure that life will change.  Millie isn’t wrong but things don’t go quite the way she imagines.  Julie Cantrell weaves a wonderful coming of age tale that leaves you wanting more.  This is a fairly new book and a sequel is promised at the end of the book. J
I read through this story in a day.  If you need a quick read that keeps you turning pages – Into the Free is for you.

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