Friday, May 4, 2012

The Lost Years - By Mary Higgins Clark

                Mary Higgins Clark is one of my top 5 fave authors.  I think I have read all of her books over the years.  The Lost Years does not disappoint.  Clark’s genre is thriller/suspense, and this book fits that description perfectly.
                Jonathon Lyons has found a manuscript believed to be a letter written by Christ just before His death to Joesph of Arimathea.  It was stolen from the Catholic Church in the 1500s.  The problem is that Jonathon Lyons has been murdered and the manuscript is missing, again.
                Now his wife, who has Alzheimer’s, is being charged with his murder.  She was found in the closet holding the murder weapon.  But there is also the young mistress who had knowledge of the manuscript and whose heart Jonathon had just broken.  It doesn’t stop there.  There is a whole cast of characters who had motive and opportunity.  Mariah, Jonathon’s only child, is the only one who is not a suspect and it is up to her to put the pieces together.
                Mary Higgins Clark is a master story teller and she keeps you guessing until the very end.  I changed my mind 3 times before she wrapped it up.
                This is a great spring time read!

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