Monday, June 4, 2012

The Frog Prince and Sleeping Beauty

             No, these are not the fairy tales you remember from your childhood.  They are absolutely stories for the big girl who needs a good giggle.   These 2 books were FUNNY!  They were both quick, romantic comedies.  The Frog Prince was laugh out loud funny.  My husband asked me several times what I was laughing while I was reading these books.
            Let’s start with the Frog Prince.  It is a modern day fairy tale based on the Frog Prince.  The main character is Leigh.  She is a twenty something woman who feels socially awkward.  She plants her high heel into the foot of a handsome prince at her great aunt’s memorial.  Roman, the prince, decided he wants to get to know her better and proceeds to force his way into her life.  Leigh is reluctant because of her social awkwardness and the fact that he is a prince.
            The book takes place in several locations as Roman whisks Leigh all over the world.  Eventually the fairy tale must come to end and the main characters must make a choice.
            The second book, Sleeping Beauty, was a bit more serious but still had some funny parts.  The main character, Claire, has a condition where she passes out and then falls into a trance for several day or weeks at a time.  Thus the title!  She does not remember most of the time that she is out.  She meets a handsome doctor just before one of her episodes.  This doctor is supposed to be helping her figure out what is wrong with her but he excuses himself from her case just as the episode begins.
            While experiencing this episode, she meets up with the handsome doctor and the 2 fall in love.  Upon awakening she has no memory of the doctor or their blossoming relationship.  There are several side characters in this book that keep the story interesting.
            I have read my share of books and can usually figure out where a book is going.  I have to admit that there were several pieces of this book that I didn’t see coming.
            Elle Lothorien, the author, has done a great job of taking very well known fairy tales and putting a twist on them.  Just as a warning, these books do not fit into the Christian fiction category.  There is some questionable language.
            So, if you need a good beach read – these two books fit the bill perfectlyJ

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