Friday, June 13, 2014

Bridge To Haven - Francine Rivers

It has been a while since I blogged about the books that I read.  I have had several people asking me for book recommendations so I thought I would start blogging again.

My plan is to read about 20 books this summer.  I will attempt (can't promise) to blog about each one and let you know what I thought.

Here is the first one!

Bridge to Haven
By: Francine Rivers

Genre:   Christian Fiction
                I LOVE this author. There are very few of her books that I have not truly enjoyed.  This one is excellent.
                Abra, the main character, is born under a bridge in the little town of Haven.  She is left there by her mother.  Pastor Zeke, while on his daily prayer walk, finds her.  Pastor Zeke and his wife Marianne take the baby in and caller her “Abra”.  There are many wonderful people who pour into Abra’s life as she grows up.
                However, Abra’s life is not an easy one, or so she believes.  She finds herself making choices that will affect her life for many years.  As with many of us, Abra cannot get past her own pride in order to make better choices.  The story is filled with pictures and messages of God's grace and forgiveness.
                I can’t tell you more without giving away the book.  I will tell you that the ending came as a bit of surprise J  I hope that entices you to search it out and read it!

Happy Reading!!!

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