Friday, June 13, 2014

Finding Sarah - Terry Odell

Finding Sarah

By:  Terry Odell

Genre – Romantic/Mystery/Fiction

                Sarah is the proprietor of a small artsy sort of store.  Her husband died 18 months earlier.  She thinks it was an accident.  The police and insurance company say it was suicide and won't release the insurance money.  Now, 18 months later, Sarah’s shop is struggling and Sarah is hurting.  Enter her sister-law who wants her sell her shop and is bossy and demanding.  Then, there is her friend Chris.  He just wants to help Sarah by giving her money to keep the shop running.  
              Then, strange things begin to happen in the shop.  Randy, the local detective, is assigned to the case.  Randy and Sarah work together to follow the clues while also falling in love.  It seems they follow many clues but keep coming up empty handed.  All clues seem to lead to a dead end.

                Can Randy and Sarah unravel the mystery before Sarah loses the shop or is there something more sinister going on?
                This was a quick read and although I mostly had it figured out, I did not see the twist coming at the end.

                Just as a disclaimer:  This is not a Christian book and contains language and sensual scenes.

Happy Reading! J

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