Monday, June 16, 2014

I've Got You Under My Skin - Mary Higgins Clark

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

By:  Mary Higgins Clark

Genre:  Murder/Mystery

                LOVE THIS AUTHOR!  I also loved this book.  I think I have read all her books and have loved all of them.  She writes in a way that leaves you hanging until the last chapter.  I do not think I have ever figured out any of her books.  I am usually surprised by the ending.

                In I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Mary Higgins Clark actually writes about 2 murders while intertwining the lives  characters from each murder together.  The book opens with the murder of a 20 something doctor who is at the park with his son.  The murderer runs away while promising to come back and kill the son and mother.

                Laurie, the wife of the slain doctor, is a TV producer.  She is working on a new series that highlights old unsolved murders.  She decides to highlight the “Graduation Gala Murder”.  There are 5 suspects in this 20 year old murder but no one was ever charged.  The suspects have not seen each other since 4 months after the murder.  Are you wondering what the murder of Laurie’s husband has to do with a 20 year old murder?  I hope so!

                To tell you more would give away the story.  Mary Higgins Clark masterfully tells the tale of both murders.  Each chapter is from a different character’s point of view.

                This is a newer book so you may have to get on a waiting list for it at the library.  However, it is well worth the wait!

                Happy Reading! J

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