Tuesday, June 19, 2012

After the Leaves Fall - Nicole Baart

Loved this book!  It is, however, a tear jerker.  So, if you don’t like stories that make you cry – steer clear! 

Julia, the main character, starts the book at about age 9 and when the books ends she is only 19.  She lives through her share of heartache, grief and poor decisions.  Her father and grandmother have taught her about God but she can’t believe that a loving God would have allowed the things that have happened to her.  She pulls herself up and decides to be the captain of her own destiny.

The best part of this story is that you can see a little bit of any teenage girl in her emotions, decisions and conversations.  I saw a little bit of me as this story unfolded.  I really connected with this character and was sad when the book ended.  In fact, although the ending was perfect, I found myself going “WHAAAATTTT!” because I wanted to know more of Julia's story.

So, what is the book about?  It is about Julia who loses her mother, her father, her best friend and her college career and at the end of it all finds God.  

Genre – Faith Based Fiction

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