Friday, June 29, 2012

All For One by Ryne Douglas Pearson

One amazing teacher, 5 great kids, and 1 dead bully.  The question is – Who did it?

Bring in the Kiddie Catcher from the closest big city who thinks he knows who did it.  He just has to get close enough to the suspects to get one of them to talk and spill the beans.

The problem – things aren’t what they seem.  It starts to look even worse when one of the suspects turns up dead.

Mrs. Austin is sure her students didn’t kill the class bully but she can’t prove it.  The Kiddie Catcher is sure that the students are hiding a secret and he works hard to get to the truth.

Who killed the bully?  You must read this book to find out!

Being an avid reader I often figure "it" out fairly quickly into the book.  However, this one kept me guessing for longer and then ended in a way I never expected.  I highly recommend it.

This is not a Christian book.  There is some language throughout the book.

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