Thursday, July 12, 2012

Barefoot: A Novel by Elin Hilderbrand

This was a chick novel from the first word and I loved it. J

It is the story of 3 women spending the summer on Nantucket.  Each of the 3 women is trying to escape something back home.  Vicki has lung cancer and hopes that the chemo and sand on Nantucket will bring healing.  Brenda is having some legal troubles as well as some romantic ones.  Melanie is pregnant but hasn’t told her husband because he is having an affair.

In steps Josh, a 21 year old Nantucket native.  The women need a babysitter for Vicki’s 2 young boys.  Josh needs to escape his job at the airport.  He is a budding writer and senses he will find a story with these 3 women.  Josh seems to rescue each of these women over the summer while finding that any good story comes at a price.

Of course, what happens over the summer is what one would expect in any good chick novel.  There is a little tension, a little romance,lots of places to shed tears and a satisfying ending.

This was a quick read but left me feeling good at the end.  This book is not a Christian book and has some language and romantic scenes.

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