Sunday, July 15, 2012

Breathe: A Novel of Colorado by Lisa T. Bergren

I fell for Amazon’s trick of making the first book in a series free in the hopes that you will get hooked and then purchase the rest of the series.  Well, I read it and was hooked and have now purchased the next 2 books in the series J

This is really your typical Christian Historical Fiction and I liked it.  I don’t usually like them but this one I did.  The author does a great job of presenting Christ without preaching or going overboard.  I appreciated that as she kept the Christ parts relevant to the story.

There are 3 siblings in this series.  Breathe centered around Odessa who is suffering from consumption.  Odessa, her sister, Moira, and her brother Dominic open the book on a train headed for Colorado.  They are chasing the cure for Odessa’s consumption.

Odessa is the sweet older sister.  Moira is the carefree baby sister and Dominic (Nic) is the brother who has been given the job of taking his sisters safely to Colorado.  The problem is that Odessa is the only one in the family who seems happy about this trip.  Moira would rather be on stage singing and Nic would rather be doing anything except living under his father’s directions.  Once there, Nic and Moira have been tasked with opening a book store to sell the books from their father’s publishing house back east.  A job neither of them is looking forward to.

It is the old west so there must be a sheriff.  Is he a good guy or a bad guy?  Then there are the outlaws who are after the mine that has been left to Odessa by a fellow consumptive who has died.  Add in the rich man who runs the town and everyone in it and you have all the makings of a western novel.

There is a predictable plot to this story but it was a quick read. (it took me less than a day)  I enjoyed the simplicity of it and am looking forward to finding out what happens next in the family story. 

Happy Reading!

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