Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sing and Claim (Novels of Colorado Series) by Lisa T. Bergren

I have finished the series.  I really like it

In Sing, the 2nd book in the series, Moria and Nic are chasing their demons.  The book opens with Moira on the stage in Paris singing.  She soon discovers that her manager has emptied her bank accounts and she must now fend for herself.  She sets sail for America hoping to find a place in the American opera in New York.  She meets up with 2 men who will be a part of the rest of her story.  Her only desire is to feel appreciated and loved for who she is.

We find Nic in South America fighting.  He is kidnapped by a ship’s captain as payment for a lost fight.  Nic, who is still trying to find himself, does not enjoy his trip aboard the ship and decides to head for his sister Odessa in Colorado as soon as he gets off the ship. It doesn't seem to matter what happens he can't control his temper and he is not sure if wants to.

Odessa has a sweet baby boy but things at the Circle M are not doing well.  She and Bryce soon discover how much they really love each other.  They must also make some hard choices for their family.

In Claim, the last book in the series Moira has come to terms with her life in Colorado. Finding solace in the peace and quiet and her new found relationship with Christ.  Odessa and Bryce are on a more even keel and are excited to have Moira with them.

Nic is the last wanderer to return home.  He meets a young boy named Everett and his father Peter.  Peter asks Nic to partner with him at his gold mine.  Things turn desperate when Peter is killed on his way back to the mine.  Nic is left to decide if he wants the mine and the responsibility of this young boy. Can he set aside his wander lust and anger issues?  Cue the cute neighbor, horrible neighboring mine owners and a mine collapse and you have the makings of this final book.

All in all this was a good series.  If you are a lover of Christian fiction then I think you will enjoy these books.  Lisa T. Bergren does a good job of connecting you with the main characters of these books.  I read them all in about 5 days mostly because I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen.  I found myself cheering for them and cringing when they made choices you knew were going to end badly.

Happy Reading! J

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